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Walter Adamson

Walter Adamson is a social media business specialist - helping you attract & retain employees & customers leveraging social media tools.

I help business understand how the intersection of the mega-trends of cloud computing, social enterprise, mobile, and collaborative commerce are going to change their world, and how to get ahead of the curve. I help Enterprise IT do the same. By "help" I mean not only understanding and strategy, but the implications for competition, products, margins, value, brand, customer engagement, culture, organisational structure, collaboration, agility, risk, governance, IT, digital marketing and inbound sales - to know what to let go and how to get with the flow. Call it business reinvention if you will. Actionable strategy is my thing - I've taken many to the market - feet to the fire, nose to the grindstone, the hard yards, and then when it's working it needs someone other than me.

If you need to understand how the mega-trends will drive outcomes which will reshape your business, or just your IT investment, and how to capitalise on them, then give me a call.

Amongst other things I was a founder of the IS Auditors Association in Australia and a Certified Information Systems Auditor. Also an Advisor to the ICT Strategy Board of the Government of Victoria, Australia. Community: Awarded "€œFriend for Life"€ by Berry Street Refuge and Community Centre, for contributions over a 25-year period. Cancer survivor.

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